Design Build Videos

At Matthew Bowe Design Build we believe in collaboration and education.  The following videos are available for you to help you understand the design build process.  Each is a chapter in the building of custom home story.

Net Zero Custom Home Build

Net Zero energy homes are specifically designed and built to produce just as much energy as they consume, hence the name Net Zero. This is accomplished through a combination of energy saving appliances, tight insulation and renewable energy sources like solar panels and geothermal systems. A Net Zero home effectively eliminates your energy costs and has a positive impacts the environment. Learn more about what goes into building a Net Zero home through these videos.

Spray Foam Installation

Exterior Shell

Exterior Siding and Installation

Cellulose Installation

Custom Home Design Solutions

Take advantage of the possibilities that designing a custom home offers.  Whether it is decking or roof drainage, be sure to include innovative and aesthetic solutions as part of the design.  At Matthew Bowe Design Build, we partner with experts who offer ingenious and unique solutions that are uncompromising in their quality, function and durability.

Nordic Steel Gutter System

Zuri Decking From Royal Building Products


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