Matthew Bowe Design Build is Northern Virginia’s top custom home builder
Matthew Bowe Design Build is Northern Virginia’s top custom home builder

A single source for both design and construction.

When you collaborate with Matthew Bowe Design Build, you will be warmly engaged by your own personal team of Northern Virginia design and home construction professionals, who will walk you through every step of the process. We’ll be your Northern Virginia custom home building champion: listening to your goals, imparting our experience and expertise, and presenting options that bring your project to life.

We want to build the Northern Virginia home of your dreams, not ours. As such, we will work with you to identify your priorities, incorporate “must-haves,” and keep the project moving forward both on time and on budget.

When you finally cross the threshold to your completed Northern Virginia custom home you will know that, with the guidance and expertise provided by your Matthew Bowe Design Build team, your investment has been allocated in a way that prioritizes your unique dreams and requirements in the order of importance that you established for us in the planning and design phase. We help you get more of what you really want with whatever investment budget you have established for your home.

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project flow

The typical flow of a Northern Virginia custom home project through Matthew Bowe Design Build is as follows:

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Initial Inquiry

When a new Northern Virginia client contacts Matthew Bowe Design Build for a new custom home or a custom home addition or remodel, our wheels start turning. During an initial phone conversation, we discuss with you the ideas you have for the project: from the grandest of ideas to the finest of details. The intent of this dialogue is to enable us to get to know you and your expectations and to help you begin to put into words or images the floor plan and home style you envision. Our main goal is to ensure that we understand your needs, so that we can exceed your dreams.

Site Visit

Where in Northern Virginia will your new custom home be? Do you want to build on your lot? We will meet you on the land you wish to build on. This is to ensure that site specific development requirements and costs for the Northern Virginia area your want to build in are considered from the outset. What’s the best direction for the house to face? Are there any zoning or site specific development restrictions for your Northern Virginia custom home? What will need to be done to the site to prepare it for a new build? All these things and more are best determined early in the process. If you don’t have a site, we can meet in our office to discuss your plans and consult with you on finding a lot in the Northern Virginia area. It is best to ensure that all relevant documents are collected and reviewed at the beginning. From Zoning Laws and Health Department requirement, to the site plan and soil tests, we will help you understand how it all impacts your custom home project. Knowing where you stand makes decisions that much easier.

Home Visit – For Custom Remodeling and Addition Projects

We will meet with you in your Northern Virginia home to review your project requirements and the existing physical conditions that will be critical to integrating your new improvements into your current home. These might be issues related to site challenges or zoning issues, existing mechanical systems and infrastructure, structure/engineering, among others. We will counsel you on any challenges or impediments to accomplishing your vision and share with you our extensive experience in overcoming those same or similar challenges in projects past. We apply the all the talents and expertise that Matthew Bowe Design Build has to offer to ensure that your vision is made possible.


We love working with our Northern Virginia clients, and they love us! We’ll provide references from past Matthew Bowe Design Build homeowners, because nothing speaks more truthfully to our capabilities than the experiences of people that we have built for in the past.

Planning for Next Steps

After carefully considering your Northern Virginia custom home build project and recapping our findings from the site or home visit, we then sit down with you to discuss the designs and options you are considering, and how they might impact overall cost. If we conclude, together, that your project vision is achievable within your budget, we will arrange a free consultation with our Plan Designer to discuss more specifically the custom home plan of your dreams.

Plan Development & Cost Estimates

After you approve the preliminary custom home concept plans that we will lay out for you, we start the process of developing your Northern Virginia custom home construction drawings while working with you to consider and finalize the selection of interior and exterior finishes. Throughout this phase, we will discuss the many choices available to you, down to the finest details, and then bring in the best and most cost-effective suppliers to make it happen. We take the time to specify as much as is possible before construction begins. At the end of this process, we will have completed, and you will have approved the custom home Construction Drawings and the custom home Project Selections and Finishes. This significantly curtails the potential for cost overruns inherent in the industry-wide practice that most builders rely upon; the practice of going into the construction phase with many allowances (open-ended pricing), instead of having approved and received fixed upfront pricing on all major, and in fact most, finishes and selections prior to construction.

The Construction Cost Proposal

The Construction Cost Proposal for your Northern Virginia custom home or custom home addition/remodel is presented to you based on the plans and specifications that we have developed together, and you have approved. It will be a fixed price to build exactly what is indicated in the Construction Drawings and Final Finishes and Selections. You will know exactly what is included in your Northern Virginia custom home project, and at what cost, before construction begins.

The Build

Now it is time to build the wonderful custom home plan developed in the very collaborative and consultative design experience between you and the Matthew Bowe Design Build team. You will be amazed at how much easier and stress free the construction phase will be because of our proven process and the significant talents available to you via your personal project team at Matthew Bowe Design Build. Let us build you your Northern Virginia custom home and see how we can exceed your dreams.



Matthew Bowe is Northern Virginia’s premier luxury custom home builder, designing and building custom homes and custom home additions. From vision to concept to plan to construction, we take custom home building to a new level. Thoughtful planning. Intelligent design. Personal touch. That’s the Matthew Bowe difference. We specialize in custom home building throughout Northern Virginia, including, Loudoun County, Ashburn, Berryville, Leesburg, DelaplaneMiddleburg, The PlainsUpperville and Winchester, as well as Clarke County, Frederick County and Fairfax County.