In these uncertain times, we are happy to be able to share a bit of good news.  Matthew Bowe Design Build is celebrating our 15th year in the building/construction business in Loudoun County.  We couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by the opportunity we have had to be a part of this community.  This is

The Beauty is in the Details – 2020 Trends for Homeowners

When our clients come to us to build a new home or remodel an existing house, they ultimately want well-appointed rooms that suit their lifestyle while creating an environment that feels like home. The tricky part is that the details that make a house stylish and functional are unique for each person. While a home

This Old House Made New: Breathing New Life Into Pre-loved Homes

For some people, the realization of the American Dream means crossing the threshold of a newly constructed four-bedroom home in a new, neatly planned community. But if we have learned anything from HGTV shows like “Property Brothers” and “Fixer Upper,” it’s that your future dream home might actually be a diamond in the rough. It

Downsizing on the Path to Your Dream Home

The practice of minimalism is getting a lot of attention lately, but many of our clients may feel overwhelmed by thinking about what they might have to give up in order to achieve a minimalist home and lifestyle. Instead, we prefer to think of the goal as simplifying, and we encourage our clients to start

What’s Trending in Faucet Fixtures

The smallest details can make the biggest statement in your home. Whether you are remodeling or building a new, custom home, you can incorporate spectacular design elements in some of the most unassuming places – like your faucet fixtures. Like most home design features, though, there is a thin line between making a statement and

Matthew Bowe Takes on Renovation of Historic Inn Conservatory

As reported in the Loudoun-Times Mirror, May 10 2018 Loudoun Homes & Builder Showcase by Karen Graham Challenging project turns out beautifully at Goodstone Inn A historic destination inn located in the Middleburg countryside recently completed an extensive makeover to its dining room and kitchen. Goodstone Inn’s owner, Mark Betts, tapped Loudoun-based architect Clint Good for the project. Good had previously worked

A Chapter in the Matthew Bowe Design Build Story: Meet the Builder

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know at a very early age what you wanted to do for the rest of your life and then actually have the opportunity to do just that?  In Matt’s case that is exactly how his life and vocation have unfolded.  For as long as Matt can remember, all he wanted

Design that Grows and Ages (Gracefully) with you

Aging gracefully does not just apply to people, but to construction and design as well.  In the end, a major factor in whether people are able to age gracefully IS their environment, their ability to thrive and function without the limitations that outdated design can bring.  Often, the realization that changes must be made is

What exactly is “Design – Build”?

“Everything old is new again.” This may apply to any number of things, but in the design and custom builder worlds, this is truer than ever. What was once known as the “master builder” approach, in which a craftsman was tasked with overseeing all aspects of a project’s progress, maintaining continuous quality control throughout, has

The Return of the Ranch Style Home – Back and Better Than Ever

If images of the ranch style house evoke the optimism of the post WWII-boom, where life was lived in technicolor and family social life revolved around the weekend barbecue, you would not be far off.  Introduced in the 1950s in California, the ranch style home was the epitome of modernism, where single level living and