Holiday Decor

Every Nook Deserves Some Holiday Cheer   Matthew Bowe is Northern Virginia’s premier custom home builder. From vision to concept to plan to construction, we take custom home building to a new level. Thoughtful planning. Intelligent design. Personal touch. That’s the Matthew Bowe difference. Contact us to begin making your dream home a reality. BACK

Home for the Holidays

When Matt and Nan moved from Long Island to Virginia more than 30 years ago with two babies in tow, they did so with a dream for the future. Loudoun County offered beautiful landscapes, great public schools, and an opportunity to build a life for themselves and their children. From a rented split-level in the

Home for the Holidays…or Longer?

For many of us, gathering for the holidays is essential to the magic of the season. With warm spaces, happy embraces, and the spices and scents of the air, holiday celebrations infuse our lives with a dose of joy. As the end of 2020 approaches, many families have already adjusted their living arrangements to include

Side Entrance Enhancements for Every Season

When our clients are designing their homes, they are eager to consider how their front entrance will welcome their guests upon their arrival. But one area that is often overlooked and is equally important, if not more so, is the space where the homeowners themselves enter the house. Most of us lead fast-paced lives with

Purpose Building Your Home for both Gathering and Living

As we enter the holidays and a changing of the seasons there is also a season of change for home design. The comfortable living and connectedness offered by true open concept floor plans are appealing when you think about gathering, hosting, and entertaining in your home. But what about the rest of the year? How

Taking Steps to Make A Space + Life That Works For You

Let’s talk for a minute about dreams for the future. Do you have one? Does it feel like it’s on hold right now while you are stuck in your house, biding your time until the world opens up again? What if I told you that didn’t have to be the case? While the forecast for

From City to Country, You Can Have It All

If over the past few months you have found yourself longing for wide open space, fresh air, and a slower pace of life, you are most certainly not alone. The recent housing market (both construction and real estate) has been flooded with couples and families looking to take advantage of work-from-home orders to move a

Right Spacing: Building Purpose into Every Room

Creating your world—the one you feel at home in—is a reality that is closer than you may think! In today’s world, building a home that fits your life doesn’t mean buying the biggest house you can imagine or afford, and it’s also not about downsizing or minimalism. Instead, it’s about right-sizing and right spacing so


In these uncertain times, we are happy to be able to share a bit of good news.  Matthew Bowe Design Build is celebrating our 15th year in the building/construction business in Loudoun County.  We couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by the opportunity we have had to be a part of this community.  This is

The Beauty is in the Details – 2020 Trends for Homeowners

When our clients come to us to build a new home or remodel an existing house, they ultimately want well-appointed rooms that suit their lifestyle while creating an environment that feels like home. The tricky part is that the details that make a house stylish and functional are unique for each person. While a home