Increasing Function in the Confines of Your Existing Space

A new year can inspire us to renew and revive. If you have found that your home isn’t supporting your needs, it may be time to make some changes with some whole home organization solutions that promote peace of mind and relieve stress. At Tailored Living, our designers are experts at maximizing your living space

What Does Ben Franklin Teach Us About Contractors?

A whopping 76% of homeowners recently surveyed in the United States completed at least one home improvement project since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, 78% plan to start a project in the next 12 months. The market will supply plenty of contractors for this surge of work. But how do homeowners know how

Everyone Wins with Design-Build

Building or renovating a home is an exciting but daunting endeavor filled with numerous decisions, the first of which is “who will design the house?” When you ask friends and family for advice, everyone has a different opinion. Some say to hire a separate architect and builder, while others recommend picking plans online, and others

Building Science WHY IT IS IMPORTANT

Construction methods and materials have advanced significantly over the years. Architects, builders and material manufacturers are learning more and more about how to design, specify, and build homes that are tighter, better insulated, more durable and more resilient. These advancements translate to homes that last longer, are of higher quality, cost less to operate and

Renovation Realities: What it Takes to Complete a Whole Home Remodel

If you have been spending a lot more time in your home this past year (as we all have) and thinking about all the ways it could be improved (as we all do) and watching shows on HGTV that deliver a top to bottom home renovation in under 30 minutes, then you may be thinking

2021 is the Year of the Anti-Trend

Current trends are a designer’s bread and butter as well as their biggest nemesis. Good design strives to be cutting edge but also classic, relevant without dating itself, and timeless while remaining fresh. Home design is closely tied to fashion, with trends that flex, flow, and change across the seasons and the years. These days,

Holiday Decor

Every Nook Deserves Some Holiday Cheer   Matthew Bowe is Northern Virginia’s premier custom home builder. From vision to concept to plan to construction, we take custom home building to a new level. Thoughtful planning. Intelligent design. Personal touch. That’s the Matthew Bowe difference. Contact us to begin making your dream home a reality. BACK

Home for the Holidays

When Matt and Nan moved from Long Island to Virginia more than 30 years ago with two babies in tow, they did so with a dream for the future. Loudoun County offered beautiful landscapes, great public schools, and an opportunity to build a life for themselves and their children. From a rented split-level in the

Home for the Holidays…or Longer?

For many of us, gathering for the holidays is essential to the magic of the season. With warm spaces, happy embraces, and the spices and scents of the air, holiday celebrations infuse our lives with a dose of joy. As the end of 2020 approaches, many families have already adjusted their living arrangements to include

Side Entrance Enhancements for Every Season

When our clients are designing their homes, they are eager to consider how their front entrance will welcome their guests upon their arrival. But one area that is often overlooked and is equally important, if not more so, is the space where the homeowners themselves enter the house. Most of us lead fast-paced lives with