What Our New Logo Means to Us

With the recent launch of our new website also came the introduction of the new Matthew Bowe Design Build logo. Using both classic elements and quality styling, the logo is a reflection of our team’s commitment to creating amazing custom homes in Northern Virginia.

But what does the infinity symbol mean? We’re glad you asked! For us, the infinity symbol used within our new logo represents two major themes:

  1. The interconnectedness between the design and the build
  2. The infinite possibilities available to our clients

At our core, we believe that there is an inseparable link between the design and the build of a custom home; a link that can only happen if the builder is involved in the design process. The design informs the build and the build informs the design. This continuous interplay, which creates a home that makes sense, is very unlikely to happen if the builder is not involved in the design process.

Secondly, infinity symbolizes the possibilities that we offer our clients with a custom built home. It represents the opportunity to design and build completely new and unique projects that are specific and authentic to the individuals that will call them home. In practice, we have never built the same home twice. Every new custom home we build is special and unique. The possibilities, as they say, are infinite…