Design Build Videos

At Matthew Bowe Design Build we believe in collaboration and education.  The following videos are available for you to help you understand the design build process.  Each is a chapter in the building of custom home story.

High Performance House Wrap - Building Envelope Goals

Matt has a visit from his client which offers him the opportunity to speak about the advanced, high-performance house wrap that he specified for their project. He also shares how it is different, and superior, to what you would see installed on a typical home. Building Science…..its a thing!

Advanced Foundation Drainage System

Listen as Matt introduces an advanced foundation drainage system designed to manage water below grade, directing it away from the foundation. Say goodbye to a damp musty basement.

Mountain Top Home

Learn about the unique features of this mountain top log home.

1800's Barn Restoration

Join us as we walk through the design phase of this 1800’s barn restoration project. For this visit we brought out one of our key vendors, Jay Smith, from The HeartPine Company to discuss the use of reclaimed lumber for various aspects of the project’s fit and finish.

A Hearth to Build a Home Around

Matthew Bowe shares the journey of a very special home rebuild in Lovettsville, VA. It is the perfect example of how Matthew Bowe Design Build takes custom home building to the next level.

A Hearth to Build a Home Around Episode 1

Join us on our journey to rebuild a home in Lovettsville, VA with one very special feature and learn how we take custom building to the next level.

A Hearth to Build a Home Around Episode 2

In this episode, we explore the unique foundation system we used for this project and why we chose to partner with Weaver Pre-Cast to provide the best end result for our client.

A Hearth to Build a Home Around Episode 3

Check out the next phase of our new home construction in Lovettsville, VA and follow along with our plan to preserve the character of the original log cabin portion of our client’s home.

A Hearth to Build a Home Around Episode 4

In this video we are installing an innovative product that drastically reduces moisture buildup on exterior walls. Just another example of how we customize every detail, even the hidden ones, to make sure our homes will meet our client’s needs for years to come.

A Hearth to Build a Home Around Episode 5

In this episode, we’ll show you the siding product we are using that offers an authentic Victorian profile with all the benefits of modern material technology resulting in a beautiful, durable, high performance home exterior.

Net Zero Custom Home Build

Net Zero energy homes are specifically designed and built to produce just as much energy as they consume, hence the name Net Zero. This is accomplished through a combination of energy saving appliances, tight insulation and renewable energy sources like solar panels and geothermal systems. A Net Zero home effectively eliminates your energy costs and has a positive impacts the environment. Learn more about what goes into building a Net Zero home through these videos.

Spray Foam Installation

Matthew Bowe explains how the application of open cell foam helps reduce air leakage and contributes to the airtight barrier of the Net Zero home.

Exterior Shell

Matthew Bowe explains how the Huber Zip System for the exterior shell significantly improves the thermal envelope of the of the Net Zero home.

Exterior Siding and Installation

Matthew Bowe reviews the Craftsman style detailing and benefits of utilizing a Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding system, as well as preparation for insulation.

Cellulose Installation

Matthew Bowe explains the benefits of cellulose insulation installed with the BIBS (Blow in Blanket System) in the Net Zero home.

Custom Home Design Solutions

Take advantage of the possibilities that designing a custom home offers.  Whether it is decking or roof drainage, be sure to include innovative and aesthetic solutions as part of the design.  At Matthew Bowe Design Build, we partner with experts who offer ingenious and unique solutions that are uncompromising in their quality, function and durability.

Matthew Bowe always asks the question “Can it be done better?”; and in managing outside water flow he has found a better solution. Jan Tomberg, of Nordic Steel Gutter explains how the Nordic Steel Gutter solution is a better way to collect and channel water away from the home.

Matthew Bowe asks David Macauley of Royal Building Products to explain how Zuri Decking, an exotic, low-maintenance timber makes an excellent choice for outdoor living spaces.

Matthew Bowe discusses the benefits of working with The HeartPine Company in Charlottesville, Virginia. They offer Matthew Bowe Design Build clients high-quality reclaimed wood products that may not be available locally and our clients benefit from their rich history and extensive experience.


Matthew Bowe Design Build is Northern Virginia’s premier custom home builder, designing and building custom homes and custom home additions. From vision to concept to plan to construction, we take custom home building to a new level. Thoughtful planning. Intelligent design. Personal touch. That’s the Matthew Bowe difference.  Contact us to create the home of your dreams!