Loudoun’s Favorites 2019

Matthew Bowe is proud to be voted Loudoun County’s 2019 Favorite Home Builder



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Loudoun Habitat for Humanity Announces Matthew Bowe as New Board Member

Matthew Bowe, Northern Virginia's leading custom home builderLeesburg, VA May 22, 2019

Matthew Bowe is very excited for the opportunity to be part of the Board for Loudoun Habitat for Humanity. He is looking forward to contributing in any way he can to provide affordable housing opportunities for hard working Loudoun County families.


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Loudoun’s Favorites 2018

Matthew Bowe is proud to be voted Loudoun County’s 2018 Favorites!

Loudoun's Favorite custom home builder, loudoun county's favorites

  • Loudoun’s Favorite Home Builder
  • Loudoun’s Favorite Remodeler
  • Loudoun’s Favorite Construction Company
  • Loudoun’s Favorite Home Improvement Company


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Challenging project turns out beautifully at Goodstone Inn

Featured in: Loudoun-Times Mirror, Loudoun Homes & Builder Showcase

by Karen Graham, May 10 2018

historic inn renovation

A historic destination inn located in the Middleburg countryside recently completed an extensive makeover to its dining room and kitchen.

Goodstone Inn’s owner, Mark Betts, tapped Loudoun-based architect Clint Good for the project, who enlisted Matthew Bowe Design Build for the construction.

Betts said he undertook the kitchen and dining room improvements in order to accommodate the inn’s growing restaurant business.

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Looking for an Annual Energy Bill of $128?

Maybe You Need a Custom Home

Matthew Bowe is no stranger to unique home designs. As one of Northern Virginia’s premier custom-home builders, the founder of Matthew Bowe Design Build has spent the majority of his career helping clients bring their visions to life. Recently, new clients presented him with an exciting opportunity: building a custom Net Zero home.

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Round Town with Matthew Bowe Design Build by Mark Ferguson

Truly unique custom designs. Meticulous attention to detail. Client partnership and vision. All attributes that make Matt and the team at Matthew Bowe Design Build one of Loudoun County’s finest home builders. Check it out!

‘Round Town with Matt Bowe! from Mark Ferguson on Vimeo.


How do you turn your new home vision into a reality? Check out this awesome video with Matt Bowe, one of Loudoun County’s most admired home builders with a tour of one of his client’s dreams come true!

‘Round Town with Matt Bowe! from Mark Ferguson on Vimeo.


What does building custom homes mean to the builder? Creating an environment that cradles the family. Building the home that supports their vision to make family memories for years to come. Awesome approach Matt!

‘Round Town with Matt Bowe! from Mark Ferguson on Vimeo.