What do our clients say?

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“The team at Matt Bowe are amazing. Building a custom home for the first time is a huge undertaking and education. The team helped us through the beginning stages and were extremely understanding. At no point were we ever pressured and it seemed our best interests were always at the forefront of our discussions. Therefore, I will never hesitate to recommend Matt Bowe.”


Issac Stith


“Working with Matthew Bowe has been a pleasure, both personally and professionally, from our very first meeting in 2010 to this day, some five plus years after the completion of our retirement home.  Expertise, creativity, skill and integrity are the cornerstones of his business model and certainly the reason his business continues to grow. And for us, it means that we are living our dream in a house that continues to delight us to this day. Best of all, the house was built for the contract price, with no hidden costs.”


Bruce and Jill J. – Furnace Mountain


“In 2015 we engaged MBDB to design and build a new home near Purcellville, VA. The entire process was well planned, clearly explained and performed in a timely manner. Even before we decided to use MBDB, Matt Bowe helped us with a feasibility assessment for the land we were considering and showed us examples of other work he had completed. After we started the design process, MBDB’s design and bid coordinators arranged meetings with the architect, various product suppliers and helped guide us through the many design and finish selections. They consistently worked to understand and incorporate our requirements and preferences; provided us sound advice and creative solutions; were patient when we need time to make a decision; and monitored the overall budget. All costs were clearly listed  and explained. The attention to detail and completeness of the design was evident in the fact that we experienced very few change orders and adjustments during construction.

Construction was also a very good experience. MBDB’s field supervisor was extremely knowledgeable, anticipated and avoided problems and held the subcontractors and trades to a high degree of quality. We visited the construction site every week to observe  progress, approve minor adjustments  and review plans for the upcoming week. The work site was always clean and orderly. Near the end, MBDB worked extraordinarily hard to meet a schedule that allowed us to move in just as we closed the sale of our previous house. After we moved in we found no serious problems and relatively few cosmetic issues; they were all promptly resolved . Of note is that after 1 year of occupancy, only a few additional cosmetic items emerged and those too were promptly resolved.

We highly recommend MBDB. Not only are they excellent at their craft, but everyone was a pleasure to work with. We would be happy to provide more information about our experience or show you the house.”


Ken and Cheryl – Purcellville, VA


“Even before our renovation was done, we were recommending Matthew Bowe Design & Build to several neighbors and friends. The experience – from the initial design/concept meetings and the selection process through the actual construction – was excellent. We appreciated that both our vision for the project, as well as our budget, was always their target. There were no surprise costs, which meant a lot to us. The entire team was great at taking the time to understand our goals for the project and then offering suggestions on everything from design/layout to tile selections to help us get there.”


Aaron & Danielle N. – Leesburg, VA


“Matt is a delight to work with. Matt knew that I desired a home with no steps. After a group discussion, we decided to move the foundation back on the lot and they arranged to have approximately 80 truck loads of fill brought in and graded around the foundation to eliminate the need for steps.”


Robert C. – Purcellville, VA


“I had already gotten through AARP the requirements for a home suitable for a handicapped person. Using these standards, Matt came up with a rough drawing of what both my wife and I desired in a new home. Later, we got a working set of plans that met all our requirements.”


Robert C. – Purcellville, VA


“I wanted to tell you how pleased Nan and I are with your crew.  Allan is first class and all of the crew is friendly and respectful our family.  Nan is really impressed how when she goes down in the basement, they turn off the radio and talk to her.  Lastly, they clean up the job site every night.  We have made all construction areas off limits for the children, but the older ones still need to go for food in the freezer or laundry, etc.  The fact it’s reasonably safe and neat makes this possible.  THANKS!!!!”


Mike G. – Purcellville, VA


“I’d like to add yet one more name to your outstanding sub list.  Jeff (the drywaller) has been very good around the family.  He and Oliver and Zachary have swapped wrestling stories (Jeff’s son wrestles) and he has been amazingly patient with Andy and Mary talking his ear off about the same things over and over and over … ( the joys of 2 and 4 year olds).  As I have said before, people like this in your line of work are priceless.  We necessarily open our home and expose our families to “strangers” during this process.  Having people that you feel comfortable with around our home is worth more that the work itself.  Given the fact that the vast majority of your team has been this way, it’s no doubt that this is part of your selection process.  Nan and I thank you for this and will continue to do so.”


Mike G. – Purcellville, VA


“Thank you Matt.  As I have said before, you are all amazing!  We love every square inch of the addition.  I cannot tell you how wonderful each room is.  Thanks again.”


Christina V. – Ashburn, VA